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These testimonials are from parents of our previous years camp. 

“This camp taught my child that out of all the positions he is good at, QB really is his calling. Another important lesson learned is that no matter how big you become giving back is never beneath you.” 

“Thank you so much! My child really had a great time. It's amazing when something really is done for the kids. No strings attached, no spending hundreds of dollars."

“We really appreciate you, the staff,  the entire organization and everyone who was involved and did something that these children will forever remember and did it for the right reasons.”

"My kid had an awesome time at camp today! Thanks again for all that you do! This is something these kids will never forget. SN: my kid has a thing about wanting new cleats like every freaking week. Pretty sure he got you to sign his cleats so daddy would go buy him a new pair. ” 

“Thank you so much! They need more professional players like CJ who give back to the kids. It was an awesome camp and my son enjoyed his self. Definitely a CJ fan. All of you at the camp did an outstanding job!!!!"

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